This photo look insanely familiar?

You have a business and you need others to know about you?  Feel like you are screaming "Here I am" but no one hears you?

Up to your ears in 'fundamental marketing strategies that don't work?'

Tired of the barrage of 'social media optimization pitches and stuff you are told you need that you don't even understand?' 

Yeah, we were too. 

and then it happened. 

Something unexpected came from

the chaos of trying to stand out, be noticed and actually create customers. We actually stumbled upon what we now do.  We started in 2015, slowly, cautiously learning as we grew. Knowing all along that there was a better way and we believe we've found it. 

We aren't a website, an app, a social media campaign, a networking platform, a funnel or even a 'train you' consultant.  We don't do any of that. We don't create or maintain any of your internet content.  We just connect it. We have taken this insanely crazy, chaotic internet and simplified it for the end user.  Your customer.  You know ...The one that creates your revenue. 

We've developed a tool.  A crazy, bad to the bone, tool. And, we call it a dashboard.

Kinda lIke the one you sit behind when you drive.  Where at your fingertips you can steer, listen to music, move your seat, change the temp...everything you need right within reach. A dashboard.  Only ours is online.  Where you can go to only one spot and the buttons you push are the ONLY ones you need.  Not more than you need, just what you need. Imagine I am your customer, I still need those darn tires.   I find your dashboard.  You've made it so easy. If you've made it so easy to find all about you in one spot, perhaps you will make this tire purchase easier than the next guy. You seem to care, you've simplified my life.

 I like you now.  

I am on my way to buy your tires. 

Join me on a very familiar journey.

I am Paul.  I need tires.

 I need tires close by and I have no idea where to go.  

What do I do?  

I google, or bing or search something.

What does that get me ?  

A gazillion tire shops in a gazillion different locations, overwhelming maps, multiple places for reviews, a link for a 'tire' Facebook page a couple of states away, a link for an Instagram that was some guy name "Tire" and a website I think, but not really, it's more of a link  on a review site and a map.

 I just need tires. Close by.  Just tires.  

I don't need 456,922,943 results to find tires.  

But, that is what I always get.  It' doesn't matter if its tires or tutus.

I get thousands or millions of options.  

But I only want 3.  3 close by. 3 simple to understand.  

You get our point, we've all been there.  

You've been Gooleafied, Bingafied and searchafied.

To much information with too many choices.

 Stimulus overload.

And you my friend, and your business are floating out there

among the chaos. 

Welcome to



My dad always said "You can have the greatest product in the world, but if people don't know it exists, you've failed." Welcome to the world of marketing.  You have a epic product, you have worked endlessly to get it to market, you have just been hired as the 'go to marketing guru' for your company.  Now what.  You know direct mail is a dinosaur. Print is crazy insane costly, and basically ineffective.  TV and Radio...don't even think about it.  The default is an email campaign.  Really?  That is so 20th century.  Then there is the 800 gazillion pound gorilla.  Groupon. The horror stories, the 'it will break you' first hand accounts.  What a nightmare. Chaotic and confusing.  How do you stand out among everybody else? How do you make your mark?  Well the very first thing you do is CHANGE YOUR THINKING!!  We have learned, and can back it up, that if you are not reaching people on the medium they use, you are not reaching them! Simplified. If you aren't strategically reaching your customers or your potential customers on their hand held devices (ipads, cellphones etc) then you need us. Desperately.

That's what we do.

Dashboards for your customers devices.  

Then we deliver them to OUR customers who will become YOUR customers.  Ones that are earnestly seeking what you do.

Really. We've figured it out.

Seems so simple?  


The Strategy. The Ripple Effect

What if we told you we have a built in customer base.  One you didn't need to pursue.  One you didn't need to acquire.  One you didn't even know existed.  What if we told you they will come looking for you? And can you imagine if we were right?  How would it impact your business if you had several new customers a month, a week or even a day?  What if our base grew by thousands upon thousands daily?  What if you could have access to 2 years of accumulated effort on our part to acquire new customers and it only cost your business $24.99 a month?  No, seriously.  $24.99 a month. The very biggest objection we face out in the marketplace is 'how can you possibly do this for that price?'  Well, my dad also taught me about 'volume.' (He's a pretty smart guy) Volume generates revenue and lowers pricing.  Two years we've been perfecting this.  And, now two years later, we now can offer volume discount pricing.  

 Well 1st we had to use our technology to create our own

digital dashboards.  Then we set about creating relationships wanting to use our dashboards and the contents in them.

Apartment Complexes

Non Profits





College campuses

Literally 100's of thousands of humans, searching our discount dashboards, looking for the next business to enjoy.





(about to be your customers) 


(Otherwise known as that addicting mobile phone.)

Then 2nd we had to create demand.  That was trickier. But we did it. We have created something the end user is excited about using because of how easy it is to navigate and it is on their cell phones!! Then just to make sure, we developed a platform that basically creates a 'must use' frenzy for our customers. We created a discount dashboard platform.  That is where our discount dashboards changed the direction of our company. That is when we literally had the light bulb go off, strobe like, in our heads.  


We launched our first beta discount dashboard a last year, and what a ride we have been on ever since. 

There is a methodical, strategic plan to create thousands of highly desired discount dashboards filled to the brim with businesses that will offer a discount.  Businesses that get it. And for $24.99 a month you could be a part of an exploding strategy coupled with unbelievable technology.  Oh, to make sure we cover everything,  there is a set up fee of $100.  A one time, get your dashboard created, your graphic perfect and your icons delivered on your dashboard. Once complete it will be text to you to use.  We not only EMBED your dashboard into our platform,  but you can use it everyday in your business.  Then it's your call.  For $24.99 a month we will place you in whichever dashboard delivery you choose. 

If you think you get it without any more questions and you want to get started, the process is simple. 

Click the button below.  Fill out 5 questions.  Enter in your credit card information and boom.  Within 24 hours you will be live on a dashboard delivery system of your choice with your very own digital dashboard of your own.  One OUR customers already know how to use.  OUR customers are smart.  And they are about to be YOUR customers.  

It's always good to have smart customers.